Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Drink, Eat, Do: 36 Hours in Norwich

Welcome to Norwich. I am even-star and this is a special week of The Beer in Review featuring Norwich and Norfolk beers.

Yes folks it's time for a Drink, Eat, Do featuring Norwich where I spent 36 hours over the weekend. If you find yourself in this old city in the east of England for a day and a night here are some things worth doing that you can do in that time.

Loads and loads and loads and LOADS and mutherfuckin LOOOOAAADS of craft beer. So many pubs selling so much craft beer. I have never seen such a concentration of variety in the UK. Not in London. Not in Manchester, Bristol, Ipswich, or Brighton.

There are several brew pubs in the city centre including the Norwich Tap and St. Andrews Brewhouse. We barely scratched the surface of the pub scene. A couple we went in had 8-10 guest pumps as well as taps for craft lagers and IPAs were The Murderers and the Ribs of Beef. Both did flights, or Beer Tapas as they called it at The Murderers.

There were two brew pubs we DIDN'T get to because they were that bit too far out of the city centre to walk to after we had been walking for a whole day: Coach and Horses and Fat Cat and Canary. But you should always leave something for the next visit.

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City centre has a good variety of pub grub (of a good to gourmet quality), bistros, specialty cuisine, and other independent joints. If you fancy something safe and don't mind a ten or twenty minute walk you can head across the river Wensum and next to the train station is a little strip of chain-y type restaurants.

I can highly recommend the Dray Yard BBQ for dinner. Great food and a good selection of craft beer. Have the ribs. We didn't book on a Friday night and they barely squeezed us in. Great service and surprisingly reasonable. For two people: two mains with two sides each and a big starter plus fancy beer was less than £40.

And if you fancy a good breakfast to set you up for the day then skip the Whetherspoons or the hotel buffet and go to Mustard. Sweet little cafe in the middle of town. Food was so fresh. The eggs had just been laid.

If you are there for just the day then I can recommend three things that you can definitely get to see easily on foot (in between sampling fine ales):

The River Walk
This follows the river Wensum that cuts an Ess through the city. You get to see loads of neat stuff including Cow Tower and a view of the cathedral spire.

The Coleman's Mustard Museum and Shop
This is situated in a beautiful old Victorian shopping arcade. It is only one little room but charming. Mustard was big business in Norfolk! Getting to the arcade will mean walking through the town centre so you will see lots

Norwich Cathedral
This isn't something I would normally tell people is a MUST SEE. I am not big into churches. But again walking there takes you through a good part of the town and you will enjoy the quirky jumbled architecture of the old streets. The cathedral itself was more interesting than most because they had little signs up everywhere explaining the art. Not something you usually see. It was really quite interesting.

Bonus Do
If you are reading this in 2015 another thing to do is the GoGo Dragons. Norwich sponsored a whole bunch of artists to decorate/paint dragon sculptures and these have been placed all around the town.

There are 84 in all. You can pick up a map at the tourist info centre next to the town hall. It was really neat to walk around the town and see them every where and tick them off on the map.

And that's it peoples. Are you as tired as I was? Drink, eat, and do peoples. The ONLY way to live is to drink, eat, and do all the things!

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