Monday, 17 August 2015

Lincolnshire Craft Beer Review: Pilot from Oldershaw Beers

Welcome to Norwich. I am even-star and this is a special week of The Beer in Review featuring craft beer in Norwich. Today's craft beer review is for Pilot from Oldershaw Beers.

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Yes folks it was a brilliant 36 hours in Norwich and I have a LOAD of beer reviews. Norwich is a city replete with pubs. Many serve an amazing array of craft beers from all over Britain and especially Norwich and Norfolk beers.

Pilot is not from Norfolk but from Lincolnshire. It was a light yellow. The flavour was almost savoury and kind of smokey. It was greenly bitter with something like samphire or asparagus.

This was the first of three beers I tried in a pub known as The Murderers but called The Gardeners Arms. It's on a little side street across from the castle in Norwich and on a Friday night it was RAMMED. Service could have a been a bit better organized. We waited our turn patiently while it felt like locals who turned up after got served first.

It did have ten guest pumps as well as three or four guest lagers/ipas on taps. And they also do flights which they call Beer Tapas. That is three 1/3 pints served up on a little tray. Squeeeee!

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