Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Norfolk Craft Beer Review: Golden Jackal from Wolf Brewery

Welcome to Norwich. I am even-star and this is a special week of The Beer in Review featuring Norwich and Norfolk beers. Today's Norfolk craft beer review is for Golden Jackal from Wolf Brewery.

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Yes folks it was a brilliant 36 hours in Norwich and I have a LOAD of  Norfolk beers to review. Norwich is such an interesting town to visit. It's very old and the streets go all in crazy directions and you never are quite sure where you are in relation to anything else. Apart from craft beer. You are never more than ten feet away from malty fermentations of one sort or another.

Here we have another beer from Wolf Brewery that I had at the same time as the other Wolf beer (For Fox Sake). And considering that it was meant to be a CHAMPION beer, it was as disappointing as the JHB from Oakham.

It was a bit thin, medium gold, bitter, and kind of apple-y but no overwhelming flavours. It had a palatable thyme herby-ness but that's about it.

I didn't really enjoy For Fox Sake either so I guess I would give Wolf one more go to impress me before I will only drink them to keep the numbers up. And I wonder what it was in this beer that the Norfolk CAMRA found so laudable. It wasn't bad but CHAMPION? I had better Norfolk beers over the weekend.

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