Monday, 17 August 2015

Norfolk Craft Beer Review: Oak from Grain Brewery

Welcome to Norwich. I am even-star and this is a special week of The Beer in Review featuring Norwich and Norfolk beers. Today's Norfolk craft beer review is for Oak from Grain Brewery Harleston (Norfolk obviously).

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Yes folks it was a brilliant 36 hours in Norwich and I have a LOAD of Norwich and Norfolk beers to review. Norwich is a city in East Anglia which is a hop head's paradise. There are tons of pubs serving real ale from the city and county as well as the rest of England and it is home to several tap houses and brew pubs. There is no way you could get to them all in a weekend.

When I saw Oak from Grain Brewery on the board at the Dray Yard BBQ (we had lovely food there which I will get to later this week) I thought it would be from Kent (because there is a place in Kent called Grain) but no it is a Norfolk brewery.

Oak was aptly named, having that sort of chardonnay buttery astringency and a cloudy gold colour. It was very light and fresh. It was well hopped with a butterscotch taste that was not unlike another Norfolk beer: Once Bittern from Woodforde's. The fresh astringency and effervescent quality complimented our spicy rich BBQ supper perfectly.

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