Monday, 17 August 2015

Suffolk Craft Beer Review: Bronze Adder from Mauldons

Welcome to Norwich. I am even-star and this is a special week of The Beer in Review featuring craft beer in Norwich. Today's craft beer review is for Bronze Adder from Mauldons.

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Yes folks it was a brilliant 36 hours in Norwich and I have a LOAD beers to review. Norwich is a city overflowing with craft beer from all over England. Much of what is on offer is local to the city and county and I totally get that we are on the fourth beer here and only one of them has been from Norfolk so far. But Mauldons is a Suffolk brewery so at least we are moving into East Anglia here at least.

As its name would imply this was indeed a light brown/dark orange beer. I found it rather thin and non-committal. It was a bit fruity, had a bit of orange flavour, and something warmly spicy like nutmeg. This was my second choice on the beer tapas tray at The Murderers.

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