Monday, 16 November 2015

Essex Craft Beer Review: SX Smugglers from Hope Brewing Company

Avast ye scurvy dogs. I be the Dread Pirate even-star and this fetid hive of scum and villainy be The Beer in Review. ARRRRRRRRRR. Today's Essex craft beer review is for SX Smugglers from Hope Brewing Company.

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Squee! A new one from Hope! It seems ages since I've had a new one from them. And this one was definitely their most experimental one I have had.

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SX Smugglers was a clear amber bitter full of tropical fruit flavours. Fruit punch, rum, cherry, papaya, and coconut! But in like a beer-y way. It actually reminded me a bit of a Wadworth beer I tried once that had actual rum in it. I think is was called Swordfish. It was a little too sweet for me to absolutely fall in love with it but it was so interesting.

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