Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Somerset Craft Beer Review: EPA from Cottage Brewing

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Somerset craft beer review is for an EPA (English Pale Ale) from Cottage Brewing.

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So EPA is not so much a name for a beer than it is for a style. Unlike in the US of A, Europe seems to be able to cope with breweries calling their beers the same thing. I, however, prefer a beer to have a proper name. Because it's fun. Side eye for you Cottage.

This EPA was a medium gold bitter. Some malt in there but not overly sweet up front. It was quite clear and crisp to match with pear slightly tropical florals like frangipani or honey suckle with a honey-like sweetness at the back. Tasty.

I can think of at least a DOZEN awesome names for this beer:

Pear Shaped
Packet of Crisp
EPA Filter
Bee Bait
Snail Bait
Bear Bait
Anything with Bait really
Excellent Pants Archive
Lip Smacker
Last Chopper Outta Agincourt
Happy Holid-ale
Roy-ale Jelly

Side eye indeed.

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