Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Craft Beer Bottle Shop: Lovestruck from Madness Brewing Co. via Portobello Brewery of London

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's London craft beer review is for Lovestruck from Madness Brewing Co via Portobello Brewery.

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Lovestruck was a very clear, very light amber bitter. Green hops on the savoury side, celery and dill and cilantro. Light lemon and orange zest.

Pair with fish. This would be especially good with a grilled salmon with the dill and lemon flavours in it.

Kind of a weird one here. But only if you have no knowledge of London based Ska bands of the 1970s. Which I don't. Apparently Madness is a 1970s Ska band from London and they have a beer brand.

But they don't make the beer. Portobello Brewery makes the beer. This is not an unusual arrangement in the United Kingdom. Pubs often contract with a local brewer to make a beer exclusive to their pub. Our own favourite local does this.

Why a Ska band has a beer brand is a mystery to me. 

More recently I have been seeing more of lifestyle type brands dipping their toes in the beer market. The Shackleton does this. They have a beer brand that well known Brentwood Brewing Company makes the beer for.

I get that business and business and if you can sell beer any way you can that is a good thing. I guess it just burns me a bit that a really good brewery gets subsumed under some other banner and because that banner is a little more well known and famous, the real brewery labours in undeserved obscurity.

What do you think?  

Ok so this year I am going try and work in a bottle each week along with the craft beer on tap. I don't really drink that much at home but will tend to have one bottle on a Sunday evening with dinner or what have you.

Over the last few years, craft beer and real ale selection in regular supermarkets has really improved and there are more bottle shops opening up outside of London.

It seems only fair that this part of the craft beer trade is represented here.

I will give a review of the beer and then suggest what it might be good to eat with it cuz that's what I do.

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