Saturday, 16 January 2016

London Craft Beer Review: Montana Red from Fullers

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's London craft beer review is for Montana Red from Fullers.

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Montana Red was a red clear bitter. Dry and rye. Some pleasing hops and nutty. Being tap poured it came out a bit too fizzy me. But it was refreshing after a frustrating day in the big smoke.

I like rye beers but you don't see them very often. The rye grain does impart a distinct taste that can be more or less subtle depending on how much of the grain it makes up. I didn't know that Fullers did a rye ale. I have not seen this one available pret-a-porter as they say. It would be nice to have a couple in the fridge.

I had this beer after work at a pub on Cornhill in London. It is called the Counting House and was originally well reccommended by a work colleague. It's a Fullers' property so it is all Fullers beers and you get some interesting ones like this that you can't get any where else but a Fullers pub.

The Counting House is definitely worth a pint. It is a (barely) Victorian banking house in the heart of the City and Fullers has kept a lot of the original fixtures and features including a coloured glass dome and mosaic floors. The bar is huge and all dark wood. Beautiful. It offers stunning surroundings, good beer, and TERRIBLE food.

Go for a beer but don't be tempted by the pies. They are standard pub fare and come out of a freezer. Also, be prepared for crowds on a weekday afternoon. It starts to get packed around half five. Might not be so bad on the weekends after all the City types have gone home!

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