Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Somerset Craft Beer Review: Midnight Porter from Cottage Brewing

Welcome to the Station. I am even-star and all aboard for The Beer in Review. Today's Somerset craft beer review is for Midnight Porter from Cottage Brewing.

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Second review of  the year is from a brewery that features regularly at our favourite local even though it isn't exactly local itself.

Trains are a regular theme from Cottage Brewing. They call them Rail Ales. Get it? Rail rather than REAL ale?

Midnight Porter, typical for the porter style of beer, was a black translucent bitter. Flavours were sweet but with a good dollop of molasses and coffee bitter. A bit flat. Fruity prunes and dates.

Anyways, you probably know if you read this blog fairly often that dark sweet beers are not my thing, but this blog is also about trying new and different beers in the interest of science.

I have had some bitter and astringent stouts and porters that I have loved. I don't tend to have preconceptions about beer styles much any more. To the point where I am not sure if they are even useful in the craft these days. What do you think?

I very rarely give anything other than an objective analysis of what a beer is like.  If one really floats my boat I might say so but that is personal taste. If a beer isn't to my taste that doesn't make it bad beer. Sitting around the bar on a Sunday with four guest ales to choose from I am always surprised at the lack of consensus amongst the clientele. One person loves the Number Three but someone else thinks it's awful.

This usually means it is a good beer one way or another. But there have been some bad ones and rest assured that if I say a beer is bad then it is BAD.

Midnight Porter didn't really do it for me but it was a smooth well balanced beer that fell within the constraints of the porter style. I liked the sort of burnt edge of molasses in it. Very seasonal for winter.

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