Thursday, 11 February 2016

Somerset Craft Beer Review: Metropolitan from Cottage Brewing

Welcome to the Station. I am even-star and it's all aboard The Beer in Review. Today's Somerset craft beer review is for Metropolitan from Cottage Brewing.

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Metropolitan was a dark brown bitter. Fairly sweet and woody. Cherry with floral aromatics. Boozy with pomegranate and vanilla.

We are well into February now hop heads and even though Mr. Groundhog said Spring was on its way it's been chilly! Metropolitan isn't a festive beer but it felt like a boozy winter warmer when I had it.

I have had many Cottage beers over the years but I didn't think I had tried this one before. Much to the surprise of Jade, the long suffering bar maid at our favourite local, who said it has been on loads. To be honest it isn't my favourite kind of beer, being dark and sweet, but it was the only new one on at the time so I had to try it of course!

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