Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Suffolk Craft Beer Review: Yardbird from Greene King

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Suffolk craft beer review is for Yardbird from Greene King.

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OK so this is a little bit confusing. When we were in Belfast, we had dinner above this crazy bar called the Dirty Onion. We went in there and,

Us: Hey do you like do food here?
Dood at the bar: No, but they do food upstairs in Yardbird.
Us: Cool, what kinda food?
Dood: Chicken

And that was no lie. It was BBQ chicken and ribs and all the trimmings. But that was basically it. You could get 1/2 a chicken, a 1/4 chicken, chicken wings. No burgers, no steaks, no pie. Just chicken or ribs. Or you could have chicken and ribs together if you wanted. Which we did.

And this place was called Yardbird. And you might recognise the beer there as Greene King's Yardbird pale ale. But what we could not figure out and what I can't even really figure out from the Dirty Onion or Yardbird or Greene King websites is if this cool chicken place in Belfast is at all affiliated with that brewery. Or if there are any other Yardbird eateries any where in the world. It's like they liked the beer and named the place after the beer.

Anyways, awesome place and good beer.

Yardbird IPA was a light amber bitter. Luscious and fruity beer with loads of tropical hops flavour. Fresh melon, lychee, fennel, lemon verbena, faint vanilla, butterscotch.

Pairs well with chicken. 

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