Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Cambridgeshire Craft Beer Review: Bishops Farewell from Oakham Ales

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Cambridgeshire craft beer review is for Bishops Farewell from Oakham Ales.

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Bishops Farewell was a pale gold bitter. Hoppy and astringent, mellow citrus with a bite, grapefruit edge, metallic tang, floral orange aroma.

I have to say that I have been looking forward to this post for a while. It is one of an Oakham Ales double bill. Now Cambridgeshire isn't a county, a bit like Sussex, that appears often on this blog. I am not sure if I had a Cambridgeshire beer all last year!

But this is special for another reason, which is I had this beer at the Oakham Ales Brewery Tap in Peterborough. A place I have seen so many times and have never been able to go to! Both the town and the tap.

Peterborough is a pretty, cathedral town on a river and I found it a very friendly interesting place for the couple of days I was there. It also has a lot of craft beer cred. Not only does it boast a brewery but also a regular old Chinese food restaurant that serves CRAFT BEER. Yes. Finally there is a place other than a pub where you can eat and drink decent beer at the same time.

I wish more restaurants would pick up on this trend. I mean I love a curry but do I really have to suffer through a Lal Tofan  or King Fisher? Or WINE!? And don't get me started on what is on offer with tapas these days. Side eye for you Estrella. We often do not go out to places because I can't get a nice beer with my meal. Bear will drink any old swill but even so he does like a Meantime or Shepherd Neame lager if he can get it.

Seriously. Craft beer is not just for pubs people. I would even settle for a bottle of Sierra Nevada with my Italian!

The Oakham Ales tap restaurant was interesting by the way. It was kind of Asian/Thai fusion I think is how you would describe it. So yes, you don't always have to have a pie or fish and chips with your fine ale.

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