Monday, 4 April 2016

Kent Craft Beer Review: Seasider from Gadds'

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Kent craft beer review is for Seasider from Gadds'.

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Seasider was very light brown or copper bitter. Caramel and hoppy. Boozy bitter lemon, hint of lime, sweetness of elderflower, slightly astringent. Lovely!

I can't believe it's taken until March to have a beer from Kent on here. You can tell Bear and I have postponed hiking adventures in favour of DIY. We used to do a lot of walking in Kent which generally resulted in rewarding ourselves for our efforts at a local Kent pub which would be serving great Kent beer.

Kent used to be the hops bed of the UK but sadly, like many traditional industries, there is no where near the scale of production this unique commodity enjoyed in the early 20th century. This does not hamper the county's beer production though and it boasts many craft breweries.

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