Monday, 9 May 2016

Essex Craft Beer Review: Satisfaction from The Rock Brewing Co.

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Essex craft beer review is for Satisfaction from The Rock Brewing Co.

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Satisfaction was an amber bitter. It was astringent and malty. Orange, coffee, fruity tobacco, and blueberries!

So this is an interesting development. The Rock Brewing Co. is a new brand from old (or actually relatively new) favourite Hope Brewery.

I am not sure if this is something that happens elsewhere. A craft brewery proliferating brands to allow themselves to put out more experimental brews under a different name while keeping familiar and popular standards under the parent brand. Brentwood Brewery also does this but they have been around for ages (again relatively speaking) while Hope is only a few years old now.

It kind of makes sense. Craft beer drinkers in the UK are a funny lot. For the most part (present company excepted) we are not millennial hipsters.

Breweries need to appeal to the traditional demographic that likes traditional beers. Which is your dad who grew up drinking standard bitters made with English hops and malts. Start putting out new fangled stuff under your traditional brand and you risk alienating that traditional market. They no longer trust that you make beer that they like because they tried one of your experiments and it was rubbish.

People like me, who like old and new kinds of beers, can then differentiate when we are at the pumps. Beers under one brand are going to have a certain profile while the other represents something adventurous.

It is an interesting strategy.

Another interesting note is about the name: The Rock.

Hope Brewery is in Stanford-le-Hope which is a town in the Essex borough of Thurrock and just down the road from the former village of Little Thurrock.

Thurrock was named by the Saxons is an old Saxon word for the part of a ship where the bilge water festers or a dung heap. In 2012 Thurrock was voted the most miserable place to live in England. You just can't escape your past can you.  Fuck you Saxons.

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