Tuesday, 10 May 2016

London Craft Beer Review: Hopspur from Redemption

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's London craft beer review is for Hopspur from Redemption.

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This is also the story of how I almost got into a fight with a drunk dood at London pub. If you want to know about that then read on. If you are just here for the beer review: skip to the end.

I was at the bar at the Windsor trying to decide which of their five cask ales I wanted to try and these two old drunk doods were arguing about football.

In case you were not aware, there is a famous football (soccer team) called the HOTspurs and one of these doods was a HOTspur fan. You also need to know that for some reason Hotspurs fans and Arsenal (another football team) fans hate each other. It is actually illegal to ask someone in a job interview who they "support" because of football based discrimination. It is weird. Welcome to England.

Anyways, I was kind of ignoring them until this point and decided on this beer.

Me (to the nice lady behind the bar): A pint of Hopspur please.
Crazy football dood: Oh you're a Tottenham Hotspurs fan then?!
Me: No
Crazy football dood: Oh yeah well why not? You're not an Arsenal fan are you?!
Me: No I am just not a fan of football in general
Crazy football dood: Ahh, well that's alright then

Bar room brawl averted.

Hopspur was a clear amber bitter. Hoppy, bitter citrus, caramel malts, pleasant smooth hoppy beer. Sweet-ish apricot finish.

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