Friday, 24 June 2016

Ontario Craft Beer Review: Fire in the Rye from Double Trouble Brewing Company

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Ontario craft beer review is for Fire in the Rye from Double Trouble Brewing Company.

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Fire in the Rye was a cloudy amber. Bitter with fruity tropical flavours of mango, papaya, lime, grapefruit, and peach. Delicious and bitter but tangy and aromatic.

Fire in the Rye from Double Trouble Brewing Company gets the official Snail of Approval.

So here we have the first tall boy canned beer review of my Canadian craft beer odyssey. This is how craft beer comes in Canada. You can get a load of individual ones in this large size can in the same way you get the big bottles of real ale in the UK. The other options you have are packs of 6 or 12 of all the same beer in the 330 mil bottle.

And for the Europeans in the crowd: beer and wine and all other booze cannot be bought in the supermarket in Canada. If you are in Sobeys or Longo's and can't find the beer aisle, you aren't lost, there just isn't a beer aisle to find. You have to go the Beer Store or the Wine Store or the LCBO (liquor control board something or other).

Welcome to Canada. Where we trust you with rifles and cross bows to shoot bears with but we gotta keep a handle on the Coors Light or you'll hurt yourselves. I think it is more to do with tax and duty than responsible consumption actually.

I am very tickled that this beer got the Snail of Approval because Double Trouble brews up in Guelph which is where I went to university. Go Gryphons! I am kind of jealous of the kids there today because there was no craft beer or craft brew in the town when I were a young'n. There was Labbat Ice or Sleeman's and that was it!

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