Monday, 26 September 2016

Canary Island Beer Review: Especial from Dorada (SAB Miller)

Ola!. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Spanish craft beer review is for  Especial from Dorada (SAB Miller).

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Dorado Especial was a gold lager/pils type beer. Very sweet but a good hoppy bite. Celery, cilantro, fresh and cold.

Ola hop heads! Welcome to a week of Spanish Canary Island beer reviews. I thought we would get started with the least exceptional item on the menu: a mass produced lager. Don't get me wrong. This lager is still produced in the Canary Islands and counts as Canary Island beer.

It is one of two popular Canary Island brands. The other is Tropical. This is the problem I have when travelling in many places: lager is it for beer choices.

And this was the case MOST of the time in Lanzarote. So I actually prefer to get by on wine (of all things!) or the odd Frou Frou cocktail. I like to try the local tipple though. One surprising thing is that the Canary Islands are home to several craft breweries making MANY different styles of beer including IPAs, brown ales, blonde ales, wheat beers, and pilsners. AMAZING!

The only problem then appears to be distribution. They make it, but it isn't widely available in local supermarkets or eateries. BOO! Which is also a problem I have here in the UK with British craft beer.

It is interesting to note that the logo for Dorada beer is very apt indeed to the Canary Islands which are volcanic and have a very interesting geography of craggy peaks.

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