Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Spanish Canary Islands Craft Beer Review: Bermeja from Malpeis

Ola! I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Spanish Canary Islands craft beer review is for Bermeja from Malpeis.

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Bermeja American IPA was cloudy deep amber. Smelled very malty (not surprised it is double malted!) and fruity. Guava and strawberry, malty and wheaty. Thick, very boozy, hoppy, resinous, and peachy. Beautiful beer! Look at that colour.

Later this week I will do a video review of another of their beers that I brought home with me. I got to visit the Malpeis brewery while I was on Lanzarote as well! It was so wee and there was just one dood and one chick there running the place. They were making the beers and it smelled wonderfully yeasty.

I speak about three words of Spanish, none of which are "Can I please have one of each to take home". And they spoke about as much English, but beer is the universal language and we worked it out.

So interesting to see a non-British/North American interpretaion of this kind of beer. They do two other beers which I will show you later!

But I have no idea where they would get their distinctive hops from. Lanzarote is a barren desert island with very little rainfall. And hops are a pretty thirsty plant when they get going! There weren't a lot of crops of any kind apart from grapes. And rocks. Sooooo many rocks.

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