Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Spanish Canary Islands Craft Beer Review: Willie Sutton from Cerveza Chutney

Ola! I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Tenerife craft beer review is for Willie Sutton from Cerveza Chutney.

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Willie Sutton was cloudy gold. Bitter with almost no sweetness at all. Tart with rose hips. Citrus lemon and slightly floral with jasmine and chrysanthemum. Very different beer from the Bermeja from Malpeis. This beer was from Tenerife which is another of the Spanish Canary Islands.

This beer and the Malpeis beer (along with a list of maybe 20 other Canary Island craft beers) can be obtained at the Cantina in Teguise on Lanzarote. This is a CRACKING place to eat and drink. Lots of craft beer and delicious fresh Canarian tapas.

Teguise is a big town kind right at the mid-point of Lanzarote. I recommend you go at about 1pm on a Sunday. There is a HUGE market there that takes over the whole town. Get there a bit later and it is less crazy. Go for a beer and a snack at the Cantina. Teguise itself is also well worth exploring, with lots of little artisan shops.

For those 6, 940,000,000 of you on the planet who, like myself, are sketchy on their British Popular Culture of the 20th Century: Willie Sutton was a famous bank robber.

Chutney's other beers are named after some choice gangsters and have other British references as well, but I can't determine (cuz Google is too hard) if they are some Brits who have pitched up in the Canaries and started making beer or are Spanish.

A lot of Brits seem to have pitched up there. Our sailing instructor we had for two days while we were there sailed his boat down from Portsmouth six years ago and decided to just never go back again!

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