Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Lancashire Craft Beer Review: Ruby Duck from Fuzzy Duck Brewery

Welcome to the Shed. OMG! I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review and I just realised that the pump clip is a DUCK FOOT! How cool is that? Today's Lancashire craft beer review is for Ruby Duck from Fuzzy Duck Brewery.

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Ruby Duck was indeed a red bitter. Malty and fruity with strawberry, cherry, and raspberry. Mellow coffee with the bitterness of caraway and cilantro.

I do like a red beer and red beers done right are rare. Say that three times fast. Seriously though, I have had many an ale that boasted of its vermillion character on the pump clip, only to be dark amber or brown.

Red beers all tend to be RYE beers. And I love rye beers. 

And I do love this pump clip for being shaped like a duck foot. Someone at Fuzzy Duck is really on the ball with that! It seems obvious, but in the British beer world something like that shows a huge amount of imagination and fun.

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