Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Amsterdam Craft Beer Review: Rosso from Bierfabriek

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Amsterdam craft beer review is for Rosso from Bierfabriek.

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Rosso was a clear light red. Nicely bitter and hoppy. Crisp malt and fresh bitter. Peppery like rocket something like romaine lettuce but juicy. A real surprise for my first beer in Amsterdam. I expected something sweet and clove-y like so many northern European beers tend to be. But this was like a really cold version of an English pale ale.

So yes! We went to Amsterdam and the day we got there we ended up wandering around for hours until finally we needed to sit down and have a beer. And it happened to be at this place called Bierfabriek. A kind of funky minimalist bar that brews its own beers. You can see them in the picture there. They have a light, an amber, and a dark.

And that is it! Three beers and chicken. It reminded me of a place we went to in Belfast called Yard Bird (which was pretty cool).

Unfortunately I could not tell you how to get back there but just do the google thing for Bierfabriek Amsterdam. I recommend that if you want to have an evening meal there that you book ahead. We turned up just before the evening rush and they had to kick us out at like 6pm.

Don't go for the "sampler". You will be disappointed. These were not 1/3 pint glasses, which is the usual measure for a taster flight. You can see how teeny they are in the picture there. Not really enough to get a good taste. They serve beer in 330ml glasses so just get one of each if you want to try them all. You won't get too squiffy!

More beers from Amsterdam coming up this week.

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