Thursday, 12 January 2017

Midlothian Craft Beer Review: Cold Comfort from Caledonian Brewery

Cold Comfort from Caledonian Brewery craft beer real ale review pump clip
Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Midlothian craft beer review is for Cold Comfort from Caledonian Brewery.

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Cold Comfort is a very clear light amber colour. Caledonian was so disappointing last year that I didn't have high hopes for this one. Malty and faintly coffee aroma. This is borne out in the flavour.

There is a bit of bitterness there amongst the malt but again their branding is just so off. It says it's a winter ale but this is so far from the richness and depth you expect in that kind of beer. Like THIS is a proper winter warmer kind of beer.

That being said, this is a much better beer than the last two (here and here) I've had from Caledonian. The best beer I have ever had from Caledonian is their Bitter Winter. I thought that this was a regular seasonal one for them but I have not seen it for a year or two. They have not had one since that just wowed me like that one. An exceptional beer. I believe I got seriously shitfaced on it because it was so good I could not stop drinking it.

Drink responsibly hop heads. No beer is so delicious that it is worth throwing a punch at that guy who you thought was your ex but was actually the picture of Noel Edmonds on the fruit machine, or waking up with half of a cheese and ham toastie stuck to your face. When you neither own a sandwich toastie maker nor had anything in your house with which to construct a sandwich. Coyote ugly folks. COYOTE UUUUUUgleeeee.

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