Monday, 15 May 2017

Nottinghamshire Craft Beer Review: Blind Tiger from Springhead

Nottinghamshire Craft Beer Review: Blind Tiger from Springhead real ale pump clip
Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Nottinghamshire craft beer review is for Blind Tiger from Springhead.

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From my tasting notes: "Blind Tiger is a clear blonde craft beer. Very light apple aroma. Hoppy and effervescent with almost a dry champagne flavour. Bitter and fruity with Apple and grape flavours as well as some green resinous tones like Juniper and rosemary. A cracking beer!"

And it really was a cracking beer. A fact which I was able to verify a week later when it was still on at the pub and still tasted wonderful!

I wrote my tasting notes when the beer was fresh on and cask beers, being organic and susceptible to the vagaries of handling, oxygen, and temperature, can change quite a bit in the course of the week. The fact that this was did not change that much is a testament to how well beer is managed at our local and also to how well it was made. The brewer understood how the hops and malts would develop over time.

According to the website, whole oranges were added to the batch. I really did not get orange in this a all!

A great cask ale won't change THAT much. The only thing you might notice is a mellowing of any pronounced bitters. So sometimes a fresh beer that is overwhelmingly bitter will actually benefit from not being served for a day or two in order to let that edge dull and allow the more subtle flavours to develop.

If you are wondering about the name, apparently Blind Tiger was the name of a sort of strange Speak Easy in the 1920s. To get around prohibition laws, patrons paid to see a sort of freak show of animal curiosities and "free" booze was handed out.

This beer was formerly sold under the name Maid Marion (yay Nottinghamshire) and was rebranded last year. Nottingham has a LOT of craft brewers and so many of them capitalise on the Robin Hood thing that it is hard to differentiate. Kudos to Springhead for bucking the touristy trend!

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