Friday, 19 May 2017

Portugal Craft Beer Review: Gyroscope from Opo 74

Portugal Craft Beer Review: Gyroscope from Opo 74
Bem Vindo a Portugal. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Portugal craft beer review is for Gyroscope from Opo 74.

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Gyroscope IPA from Opo 74 is a cloudy honey coloured IPA. Very floral aromas of honey suckle and orange blossom. Deliciously bitter up front with some of that floral greenness of chrysanthemum and juniper. Once it warms up you get that characteristic cotton candy tang that so many American style IPAs finish with. A full body but refreshing.

I had this beer at one of a very few and NEW bars in Portugal that carry (or even specialise) in Portuguese craft beer. It is called Boheme and is located right on the marina in Faro. It is sort of tacked on to the end of the Alfandaga building next to the old town. It is a tiny little place but packs a lot of craft beer. Some available on tap and most in bottles.

I fear for the future of craft beer in Portugal. In as little as two years it has grown from nothing to nearly 50 breweries competing with the big boys of Sagres, Super Bock, Crystal, and a myriad of other European imports. Beer that is CHEAP. Like we are talking 6 330ml bottles for 3 euros. Or even cheaper! Compare that to the average price of a craft beer there: 3 euros for one 330ml bottle.

I can't think that the locals are going to be having that. Or even the tourists. The problem is the cheapness of regular beer there. It is different in the UK where regular beer is already fairly expensive.

In the UK I can get a pint of lovely craft cask ale for LESS than the price of a pint of horrible premium lager. Off the shelf is a little different but not by much. I can get 4 500ml bottles of decent beer for 6£. If you get 6 330ml bottles of Stella you would pay about the same price. Now if you go for imported craft stuff or special editions from very small breweries then that beer is going to run you 3£ a bottle. But in general decent beer is a comparable price to mass produced.

I just don't think there are enough hipsters in Portugal willing to pay such a HUGE premium on beer. Even if it is more interesting and tastes better than the usual cheaper lager. And although I liked my little beer adventure, I was not drinking craft beer every day I was there. It isn't sold at a quaffable price and in that heat you want something you can quaff!

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