Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Portugal Craft Beer Review: Urraca Vendaval IPA from Oitava Colina

Portugal Craft Beer Review: Urraca Vendaval IPA from Oitava Colina
Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Portugal craft beer review is for Urraca Vendaval IPA from Oitava Colina.

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Urraca Vendaval IPA from Oitava Colina is a dark amber cloudy beer. A sour fruity aroma with some citrus. Up front a green malty citrus. Full bodied with that sort of cotton candy tangy sweetness that makes the mouth feel a bit gummy. Quite boozy and resinous with juniper and pine. Not much citrus to finish, more herbal.

Oitava Colina means 8th Hill. This is in reference to Lisbon (or Lisboa) which is built on seven hills. This refers to the magical (?) 8th hill. I am sure the people of Lisboa would find the name more meaningful in much the same way the names of some British micro breweries and beers only have significance for local consumers.

The bottle had a little story on the back that kind of, but not really, explained the name. Urraca is basically a sort of fictional character that describes the beer. All of their main beers adhere to this theme. It is an interesting branding exercise I suppose. To give your beers such strong personalities that they actually become people. BEER IS PEOPLE!!!!!


Unfortunately I am not fluent in Portuguese and the English translation on the bottle was not great. I am pretty sure some of the meaning was lost to Google Translate. But the heading does literally translate to "Who's your beer?" According to the label, Urraca is a strong, resilient, and very bitter queenly character. It contains "a gale of citric and fruity aromas".

Yes we are still in Portugal today! Want to know more about the new craft beer industry in Portugal and what to expect when you visit then check out my previous post.

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