Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Staffordshire Craft Beer Review: Wild Bill IPA from Harper's Brewing Co.

Staffordshire Craft Beer Review: Wild Bill IPA from Harper's Brewing Co. real ale
Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Staffordshire craft beer review is for Wild Bill IPA from Harper's Brewing Co. (Marston's and Aldi)

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Wild Bill American IPA from Harper's Brewing Co. (Marston's) is a dark amber beer. A very caramel and insipid bitter. I was so disappointed. Not really a lot if flavours to speak of other than a kind of watery burnt sugar. If it comes out on the side of anything it is a plain old English bitter pale ale. And not a good one.

This is one of Aldi's own brand "craft" beers which are made by Martson's. Now Marston's are pretty big and some may not consider them craft exactly but they make some decent real ales. Which is what made this even more disappointing.

I hardly ever go in to Aldi. Basically because I don't shop for a family of eight and it is such a pain in the ass store to go into if you don't need a whole cart load of groceries.

But I was at a loose end one afternoon and decided to pop in just to see what they had in the way of beer. The last time I just popped into an Aldi was about six years ago and all they had were crates of generic French lager. So it was about time I revisited the situation.

For science.

I got this one and a red ale which I have yet to try. Been kind of putting it off based on how poor this IPA was. There were about six beers in the range and I am thinking of doing a couple of round up video reviews. Is budget craft beer possible? These were around £1.30 a bottle which is 30ish pence cheaper than the craft beer at my other local grocery store. So really not a huge saving when I get better brand selection at the other place but still I was hoping for a hidden gem or two.

Oddly enough there was some news today about Aldi offering some one off special beers for a limited time. Among the breweries participating is good old Cotleigh so I am going to go in there this weekend to see if there is any left to pick up.

Don't let one bad store brand experience put you off generic booze. Lidl caused a bit of a coup recently when, in blind taste tests, their gin was voted internationally the best in the world. And it is very good gin indeed!

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