Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Essex Craft Beer Review: Gold Rush from Elephant School

Essex Craft Beer Review: Gold Rush from Elephant School real ale pump clip
Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Essex craft beer review is for Gold Rush from Elephant School.

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Gold Rush* from Elephant School is a gold beer. Upfront it's crisply fruity with a soft bitterness. Sort of unripe peaches and apple. Maybe a little bit of eucalyptus in there It is a strangely quaffable beer in that there aren't a lot of distinct flavours but the flavour as a whole just works without being generic. Yum!

So here is an interesting product development concept.** This beer was on at the same time as another really good one (Lancers from Goffs). Now Lancers was a 3.8 and Gold Rush was 5.0. In spite of all evidence to the contrary, I am actually not a big drinker. On a Saturday afternoon I will have a couple of pints and that is it. So I will tend to opt for the lower ABV beer if there isn't a new one on to try.

Why is this interesting? Because if Gold Rush were a 3.8 or even a 4.0 I probably would have bought more of it. The ABV of beer had an effect on its sales. You might assume that it would go the other way but beer lovers like me are not rare. After all, the lower the ABV, the more beers you can try! But I am sorry, less than 3.7 is just silly. I mean we drink beer for, like, a REASON.

I often wonder how much of a factor this kind of thing is when a brewer develops a new beer. I think some of them for sure do but others probably are not so aware. I would love to have some data on this. If you are in brewing and you have data, please connect on twitter @even_star.

*This is the second time I have had Gold Rush this year but had no memory of it from back in February.
**I am by trade a systems architect, product manager, and head of products at a large customer communications technology company. Basically a growth hacking nerd. 

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